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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Top Penny Stocks Buy 7/1/14 July 1, 2014

The following is a list of the Most Popular Penny stocks Under $2 and  200k over  volume.This list shows that I always keep my watch list on Top Penny Pick for day  which makes great trading opportunity for the next day or week. These are the stocks that I will be monitoring today and tomorrow for day trading opportunities.

This  is  favorite way to track potential breakout Penny stocks that I am watching.My Daily Trading Activities - Membership Access.

Below these are the Top Penny Stocks Performance of the day June 30, 2014.

Ticker     Company     Change 
VGZ    Vista Gold Corp.          16.28%
TWER Towerstream Corporation         13.45%
ATEC  Alphatec Holdings, Inc. 13.19%
AUMN            Golden Minerals Company       11.65%
CRIS   Curis Inc.         11.38%
ROX    Castle Brands Inc.        11.25%
FLL     Full House Resorts Inc. 11.02%
SMSI   Smith Micro Software Inc.        8.33%
LIQD   Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.      7.30%
COCO Corinthian Colleges Inc.            7.14%
MDW  Midway Gold Corp.     7.14%
LFVN  Lifevantage Corporation           6.67%
AMSC American Superconductor Corporation 6.54%
HNSN Hansen Medical, Inc.    6.50%
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    6.40%
FREE   FreeSeas Inc.   6.25%
ARQL  ArQule Inc.      6.16%
DRRX  DURECT Corporation 5.81%
LSG     Lake Shore Gold Corp.            5.75%
URG    UR-Energy Inc.            5.56%
CPHI   China Pharma Holdings, Inc.     5.41%
GSS     Golden Star Resources, Ltd.     5.36%
GRH    GreenHunter Energy, Inc.         5.32%
QTM   Quantum Corporation   5.17%
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.          5.00%
PCO    Pendrell Corporation    4.76%
STRI    STR Holdings, Inc.       4.65%
GMO   General Moly, Inc.        4.55%
AEZS   AEterna Zentaris Inc. (USA)     4.50%
ETAK  Elephant Talk Communications Corp.   4.40%
THM    International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.       4.35%
BAA    Banro Corporation       4.35%
CBLI   Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.            4.35%
AMRN            Amarin Corporation plc            4.14%
GPL     Great Panther Silver Ltd           4.13%
VICL   Vical Inc.          3.39%
PZG     Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.         3.23%
MELA MELA Sciences, Inc.   3.23%
CNDO Coronado Biosciences, Inc.      2.99%
OIBR-C           Oi SA  2.86%
VTG    Vantage Drilling Company        2.67%
AVNW            Aviat Networks, Inc.    2.40%
GEVO Gevo, Inc.        2.38%
URZ     Uranerz Energy Corp.   2.07%
RSH     RadioShack Corp.        2.06%
ENZN  Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.       1.96%
BAXS  Baxano Surgical, Inc.    1.79%
NLST  Netlist Inc.        1.57%
IGC     India Globalization Capital, Inc. 1.43%
RBY    Rubicon Minerals Corporation  1.38%
DVR    Cal Dive International Inc          0.76%
GTXI   GTX Inc.          0.73%
WAVX            Wave Systems Corp.    0.71%
SYN    Synthetic Biologics Inc. 0.58%
SSN     Samson Oil & Gas Limited       0.00%
SVBL  Silver Bull Resources, Inc.        0.00%
RNN    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    0.00%
WTSL  The Wet Seal, Inc.        0.00%
TLR     Timberline Resources Corp.      0.00%
MNGA            Magnegas Corporation 0.00%
NAVB Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc          0.00%
EMITF Elbit Imaging Ltd.         0.00%
DARA DARA BioSciences, Inc           0.00%
DEJ      Dejour Energy Inc.       0.00%
CPST   Capstone Turbine Corp.           0.00%
ATHX  Athersys, Inc.   -0.56%
DSCO Discovery Laboratories Inc.      -0.56%
LXRX  Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   -0.62%
AXU    Alexco Resource Corporation   -0.79%
DNN   Denison Mines Corp.    -0.81%
MXT    Maxcom Telecomunicaciones S.A.B. de C.V.   -1.08%
ZAZA  ZaZa Energy Corporation         -1.12%
PVCT  Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.       -1.15%
OIBR   Oi SA  -1.15%
DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corporation       -1.23%
ABIO   ARCA biopharma, Inc. -1.35%
END    Endeavour International Corporation     -1.44%
SPEX   Spherix Inc.      -1.65%
PPHM Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.  -2.08%
AVL    Avalon Rare Metals Inc.           -2.17%
VTUS  Ventrus Biosciences Inc.           -2.24%
IMUC  ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.        -2.61%
PRKR  Parkervision Inc.           -2.63%
HEB     Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.     -3.12%
RCPI   Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        -3.28%
WYY   WidePoint Corp.          -3.30%
SYMX Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. -3.59%
ETRM  EnteroMedics, Inc.       -3.70%
CVM   CEL-SCI Corp.           -3.88%
ZBB     ZBB Energy Corporation          -4.14%
NSPH  Nanosphere, Inc.          -4.24%
CREG  China Recycling Energy Corporation     -4.35%
BGMD BG Medicine, Inc.        -4.55%
ANAD Anadigics, Inc.  -4.71%
HTM    US Geothermal Inc.      -4.76%
BXC    Bluelinx Holdings Inc.   -4.76%
UEC    Uranium Energy Corp.  -5.45%
MSTX Mast Therapeutics, Inc.            -5.97%
APP     American Apparel, Inc. -7.22%
KIOR  KiOR, Inc.       -7.69%
NIHD  NII Holdings Inc.          -8.33%
PAL     North American Palladium Ltd. -9.68%
QRM   Quest Rare Minerals Ltd.          -9.68%
NEWL NewLead Holdings Ltd.           -10.71%
BODY Body Central Corp.      -11.00%
TWGP Tower Group Inc.         -11.33%
ADGE  American DG Energy, Inc.        -17.81%
CRMB Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc           -31.25%

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