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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alibaba (BABA) Stock Technical Analysis September 29, 2014

The following is Alibaba (BABA) Technical analysis for September 29 , 2014

Alibaba (BABA)  Resistance, pivot & Support Levels - 9/29/2011
Resistance levels:
Pivot point:
Support levels:
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Alibaba (BABA) IPO rebound on Friday, expect the stock to be volatile.Share already have $95 price target by CRT Capital.  Buy the dips, sell the rips. Share of Alibaba (BABA) hit a new record low on Tuesday after more profit taking hit the stock.  Every one said Alibaba (BABA)  is a strong sell into any rally as shares are expensive.  However, a break above $90.48 would be bullish for a trade. So wait and see mode now. I think $80 to $85 may be support and resistance could be $99.07.

Technical Analysis Stock Charts: Charts Below
Live chart

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SPX Technical Analysis September 29 - October 3, 2014

FOR 9/29 SPX resistance, pivot & support
Resistance R3 2012.06, R2 199.51, R1 1991.08
Pivot Point 1978.53
Support  S1 1970.10, S2 157.55, S3 1949.12

For Weekly 9/29-10/3 SPX weekly resistance, pivot & support
Resistance R3 2048.78, R2 2028.89, R1 2005.77
Pivot Point 1985.88
Support S1 1962.76,  S2 1942.87 S3 1919.75

After establishing an all time high on OPEX Friday a week ago the market went into volatility mode this week. Every day we observed the DOW moving triple digits: three down and two up. For the week the SPX/DOW were -1.2%, the NDX/NAZ were -1.3%, and the DJ World index lost 2.0%. Economic reports for the week were skewed to the downside. On the up tick: the FHFA, new home sales and Q2 GDP. On the down tick: existing home sales, durable goods, the WLEI and weekly jobless claims rose. Next week, end of month/quarter, will be highlighted by Friday’s Payrolls report and the PCE and ISM during the week.

As noted above we have an odd configuration from the SPX 1905 low that could be counted as three waves to SPX 2019, or five waves. The activity since that high is clearly corrective: SPX 1979-2000-1966-1986. The bulls could count the SPX 1966 low as the end of Minor wave 2, with Minor wave 3 underway. The bears can count the SPX 1966 low as the end of Minor wave A, with Minor B underway. The bulls need a rally above SPX 2019 to confirm their Minor 3 scenario is underway. The bears need a decline below SPX 1966 to confirm their Primary IV scenario is underway. Bullish and bearish these are our two parameters: SPX 1966 and SPX 2019.

Short term support is at the 1973 and 1956 pivots, with resistance at SPX 2000 and the 2019 pivot. Short term momentum ended the week overbought.

Short term support is at SPX 1973 and SPX 1956, with resistance at the 2000 and 2019pivots.


The Asian markets were nearly all lower losing a net 1.2% on the week.
The European markets were all lower losing 2.2% on the week.
The Commodity equity group were all lower losing 1.2% on the week.
The DJ World index lost 2.0% on the week.


Bonds continue to downtrend but gained 0.3% on the week.
Crude remains in a downtrend but gained 1.7% on the week.
Gold is also down trending but gained 0.3% on the week.
The USD remains in an uptrend gaining 1.1% on the week.


Earning Calendar September 29-October 3, 2014

Monday: Personal income/spending, and the PCE at 8:30, then Pending home sales at 10am. Tuesday: Case-Shiller, Consumer confidence, the Chicago PMI, and a speech from FED governor Powell. Wednesday: the ADP, ISM manufacturing, Construction spending and Auto sales. Thursday: weekly Jobless claims and Factory orders. Friday: Payrolls (est. +228K), the Trade deficit and ISM services. Best to your weekend and week!

Take a look some market indicator charts- Click all charts
$SPX - 60 min

$SPX with component chart 
$CPC daily
QQQQ Daily 

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Stocks to Watch – Earnings Calendar September 29 - October 3, 2014

During regular trading hours and after hours, there were many stocks that continued to break out to the upside and downside in their earning news. I will watch all the key  stocks below in earning report during reporting Earnings week September 29 - October 3, 2014. If you are looking to day trade today, you might want to check out the following stocks. I usually throw these on my watch list and monitor with resistance & support levels. My Daily Trading Activities - Membership Link

I also have  technical analysis different stocks-Right Here.

Ticker     Company             Earning Date

CALM Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. 9/29/2014 8:30
CMN   Cantel Medical Corp.   9/29/2014 8:30
FGP     Ferrellgas Partners LP  9/29/2014 8:30
LAS     Lentuo International Inc.           9/29/2014 8:30
PKE     Park Electrochemical Corp.      9/29/2014 8:30
BSET   Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated         9/29/2014
CMTL Comtech Telecommunications Corp.     9/29/2014
COCO Corinthian Colleges Inc.            9/29/2014
DRL     Doral Financial Corporation      9/29/2014
MFRI   MFRI, Inc.       9/29/2014
NOC   Northrop Grumman Corporation           9/29/2014
QBAK Qualstar Corp. 9/29/2014
ADAT  Authentidate Holding Corp.      9/29/2014 16:30
CTAS  Cintas Corporation       9/29/2014 16:30
FN       Fabrinet            9/29/2014 16:30
JRJC    China Finance Online Co., Ltd. 9/29/2014 16:30
SNX    SYNNEX Corp.          9/29/2014 16:30
WAG   Walgreen Co.   9/30/2014 8:30
SANW            S&W Seed Company   9/30/2014 16:30
AYI     Acuity Brands, Inc.       10/1/2014 8:30
AZZ     AZZ incorporated         10/1/2014 8:30
ATU    Actuant Corporation     10/2/2014 8:30
GPN    Global Payments Inc.    10/2/2014 8:30
MKC   McCormick & Company, Incorporated            10/2/2014 8:30
STZ     Constellation Brands Inc.          10/2/2014 8:30
PRGN  Paragon Shipping Inc.   10/2/2014
RECN  Resources Connection Inc.       10/2/2014 16:30

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Top Penny Stocks Buy 9/29/14 September 29, 2014

The following is a list of the Most Popular Penny stocks Under $2 and  200k over  volume.This list shows that I always keep my watch list on Top Penny Pick for day  which makes great trading opportunity for the next day or week. These are the stocks that I will be monitoring today and tomorrow for day trading opportunities.

This  is  favorite way to track potential breakout Penny stocks that I am watching.My Daily Trading Activities - Membership Access.

Below these are the Top Penny Stocks Performance of the day September 26, 2014.

Ticker     Company     Change
RSH     RadioShack Corp.        23.75%
KIOR  KiOR, Inc.       14.39%
IVAN  Ivanhoe Energy Inc.      12.74%
DSS     Document Security Systems, Inc.          8.24%
QRHC Quest Resource Holding Corporation    6.37%
CVM   CEL-SCI Corporation  5.88%
AMCN            AirMedia Group Inc.    5.33%
FRO    Frontline Ltd.    5.04%
MDW  Midway Gold Corp.     4.95%
RVLT  Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc.   4.91%
WTSL  The Wet Seal, Inc.        4.65%
SVBL  Silver Bull Resources, Inc.        4.29%
VTG    Vantage Drilling Company        4.26%
DNDN Dendreon Corp.           4.08%
USAT  USA Technologies Inc. 3.83%
LIQD   Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.      3.79%
DRWI  DragonWave Inc.         3.51%
FST     Forest Oil Corporation 3.25%
DLIA   dELiA*s, Inc.   3.23%
GSV    Gold Standard Ventures Corp  3.08%
TWER Towerstream Corporation         3.08%
CPST   Capstone Turbine Corp.           2.91%
PPHM Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2.90%
OIBR   Oi SA  2.86%
SSN     Samson Oil & Gas Limited       2.75%
NAVB Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc          2.42%
RTK    Rentech, Inc.    2.29%
VRNG Vringo, Inc.      2.02%
ENZN  Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.       1.82%
CAK    CAMAC Energy, Inc.  1.80%
DSCO Discovery Laboratories Inc.      1.76%
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    1.74%
PRKR  Parkervision Inc.           1.69%
PCO    Pendrell Corporation    1.48%
LXRX  Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   1.39%
EGLE   Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc.          1.33%
SPEX   Spherix Incorporated    1.23%
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.          1.12%
MM     Millennial Media Inc.    1.04%
PAL     North American Palladium Ltd. 1.00%
URG    UR-Energy Inc.            0.99%
ETRM  EnteroMedics Inc.        0.89%
ARQL  ArQule Inc.      0.89%
ZGNX Zogenix, Inc.    0.85%
MCP    Molycorp, Inc. 0.81%
SIGA   SIGA Technologies, Inc.           0.72%
RGSE  Real Goods Solar, Inc. 0.70%
EXEL   Exelixis, Inc.     0.65%
SVM    Silvercorp Metals Inc.   0.62%
RNN    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    0.60%
BPZ     BPZ Resources, Inc.     0.51%
MSTX Mast Therapeutics, Inc.            0.45%
DVR    Cal Dive International Inc          0.22%
OIBR-C           Oi SA  0.12%
FREE   FreeSeas Inc.   0.00%
CREG  China Recycling Energy Corporation     0.00%
DEJ      Dejour Energy Inc.       0.00%
DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corporation       0.00%
AEZS   Aeterna Zentaris Inc.    0.00%
AVNW            Aviat Networks, Inc.    0.00%
ROX    Castle Brands Inc.        0.00%
ONCY Oncolytics Biotech Inc. -0.02%
BAXS  Baxano Surgical, Inc.    -0.07%
CYTX  Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.           -0.15%
IFON   Infosonics Corp.           -0.51%
SVLC  Silvercrest Mines Inc.   -0.65%
ATRS  Antares Pharma Inc.     -0.76%
UEC    Uranium Energy Corp.  -0.78%
STEM  StemCells Inc.  -0.79%
QTM   Quantum Corporation   -0.85%
AMRN            Amarin Corporation plc            -0.89%
PLM    Polymet Mining Corp.   -0.91%
PVCT  Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.       -1.00%
ACLS  Axcelis Technologies Inc.          -1.03%
PLG     Platinum Group Metals Ltd.      -1.11%
GSS     Golden Star Resources, Ltd.     -1.11%
WYY   WidePoint Corp.          -1.18%
OCLR  Oclaro, Inc.      -1.31%
RBY    Rubicon Minerals Corporation  -1.44%
ZQK    Quiksilver Inc.  -1.61%
RGDO Regado Biosciences, Inc.          -1.69%
DNN   Denison Mines Corp.    -1.69%
MNGA            Magnegas Corporation -1.72%
ALSK  Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc.     -1.83%
LSG     Lake Shore Gold Corp.            -1.87%
JOEZ   Joe's Jeans Inc. -1.98%
WPCS WPCS International Incorporated         -2.41%
NSPH  Nanosphere, Inc.          -2.46%
HEB     Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.     -2.58%
MVIS  Microvision Inc.            -2.60%
GEVO Gevo, Inc.        -2.86%
RIGL   Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        -2.96%
ACST  Acasti Pharma Inc.       -2.97%
SYN    Synthetic Biologics Inc. -2.99%
ISR      IsoRay, Inc.      -3.02%
DRRX  DURECT Corporation -3.27%
RCPI   Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        -3.46%
APP     American Apparel, Inc. -3.70%
PZG     Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.         -4.00%
ASM    Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.            -4.58%
BAA    Banro Corporation       -4.59%
COCO Corinthian Colleges Inc.            -5.08%
GPL     Great Panther Silver Ltd           -5.26%
GIGM  GigaMedia Ltd.            -5.74%
ASTI    Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.            -5.88%
USU    USEC Inc.       -6.14%
CBLI   Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.            -6.53%
ATOS  Atossa Genetics, Inc.    -6.62%
MTL    Mechel OAO   -6.94%
CERE  Ceres, Inc.       -7.56%
END    Endeavour International Corporation     -10.03%
RITT    RiT Technologies Ltd.   -13.50%
KWK  Quicksilver Resources Inc.        -29.43%
PULS   Pulse Electronics Corporation   -33.63%

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