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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX): Q1 Earnings Preview 2011

Netflix (NFLX) is expected to announce earnings results after the markets close on Monday April 25., 2011 Analysts expect its earnings per share to be $1.07, up from an estimate of $0.88 three months ago, with revenue standing at $703.6 million.

Over the years, Netflix has shifted its business model from a traditional rental model to offering many subscription options at various price points and added streaming a few years ago. It was originally seen as a niche add-on for die-hard techies, but now streaming accounts for the majority of Neflix viewing. During the quarter in review, Netflix rolled out a streaming-only subscription option in the U.S. Netflix also announced a series of price increases to its monthly fees.
Most of the Analysts are predicting Q1 revenues of $703.6 million and over $763 million in the next quarter, an increase of 8%. For the whole year, Netflix is expected to post $3.13 billion of revenues. The year 2012 is supposed to be even better, with revenues expected to surge by 30% to $4.08 billion.

Netflix's shares have gained an astonishing 185% over a year. Last few quarters , by Netflix's nice habit of beating analysts' expectations. In Q4 2010, most of analysts predicted earnings per share of $0.71, with Netflix posting 0.87, outperforming expectations by 22% last time. Analysts will be hoping that a recent family-friendly move, in which Netflix may let subscribers with streaming-only accounts watch video on more than one device, will further propel its shares to new heights coming days.But stock is trading over $252 last week which is multi year high.

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