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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stock Market Futures 8/4/14 Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S & P Futures

Do you want to know how the Stock Market Futures now? All Market Futures are showing a higher open for Pre market but who knows if it will Higher Stock Future August 4, 2014. Also check out my Top Hottest Stocks in 2014, Hottest Penny Stocks  2014. Hot stocks Today Right Here.My Daily Trading Activities - Membership Access.

Stock Market Futures -8/4/2014
I will keep updating .....

S &  P 500 Futures                    
NASDAQ Composite Index Futures       10.5
Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures    50
Oil Futures                                             100.20

Take a look other all Index Futures and ES, NQ, YM &  DX resistance and support level.
/ES  short term resistance and support line
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Top Penny Stocks Buy 8/4/14 August 4, 2014

The following is a list of the Most Popular Penny stocks Under $2 and  200k over  volume.This list shows that I always keep my watch list on Top Penny Pick for day  which makes great trading opportunity for the next day or week. These are the stocks that I will be monitoring today and tomorrow for day trading opportunities.

This  is  favorite way to track potential breakout Penny stocks that I am watching.My Daily Trading Activities - Membership Access.

Below these are the Top Penny Stocks Performance of the day August 1, 2014.

Ticker     Company     Chang
IBIO    iBio, Inc.          10.26%
HUSA  Houston American Energy Corp.          9.38%
SVBL  Silver Bull Resources, Inc.        7.69%
WPCS WPCS International Incorporated         6.25%
MDW  Midway Gold Corp.     5.44%
FREE   FreeSeas Inc.   4.78%
PCO    Pendrell Corporation    4.08%
CAK    CAMAC Energy, Inc.  3.39%
LFVN  Lifevantage Corporation           3.08%
DARA DARA BioSciences, Inc           2.34%
GSS     Golden Star Resources, Ltd.     1.85%
HEB     Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc.     1.79%
ATEC  Alphatec Holdings, Inc. 1.43%
WYY   WidePoint Corp.          1.35%
ANAD Anadigics, Inc.  1.25%
VTG    Vantage Drilling Company        1.07%
AXU    Alexco Resource Corporation   0.98%
DVR    Cal Dive International Inc          0.92%
URG    UR-Energy Inc.            0.91%
LXRX  Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   0.68%
RBY    Rubicon Minerals Corporation  0.67%
SSN     Samson Oil & Gas Limited       0.05%
SVM    Silvercorp Metals Inc.   0.00%
UQM   UQM Technologies Inc.           0.00%
MSTX Mast Therapeutics, Inc.            0.00%
END    Endeavour International Corporation     0.00%
DRWI  DragonWave Inc.         0.00%
ACLS  Axcelis Technologies Inc.          0.00%
AVNW            Aviat Networks, Inc.    0.00%
APRI   Apricus Biosciences, Inc.          -0.53%
FSI      Flexible Solutions International Inc.       -0.72%
SPEX   Spherix Incorporated    -0.74%
MNGA            Magnegas Corporation -0.76%
PRKR  Parkervision Inc.           -0.80%
LSG     Lake Shore Gold Corp.            -0.91%
CRIS   Curis, Inc.        -1.03%
MTL    Mechel OAO   -1.06%
WSTL  Westell Technologies, Inc.        -1.16%
ATHX  Athersys, Inc.   -1.24%
DSCO Discovery Laboratories Inc.      -1.27%
NIHD  NII Holdings Inc.          -1.45%
DNN   Denison Mines Corp.    -1.53%
QTM   Quantum Corporation   -1.60%
OCLR  Oclaro, Inc.      -1.61%
KGJI    Kingold Jewelry, Inc.    -1.67%
TWER Towerstream Corporation         -1.82%
IVAN  Ivanhoe Energy Inc.      -2.08%
CPST   Capstone Turbine Corp.           -2.16%
WTSL  The Wet Seal, Inc.        -2.16%
APP     American Apparel, Inc. -2.17%
ONCY Oncolytics Biotech Inc. -2.24%
NAVB Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc          -2.26%
ZGNX Zogenix, Inc.    -2.27%
VICL   Vical Incorporated        -2.29%
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    -2.38%
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.          -2.48%
KIOR  KiOR, Inc.       -2.58%
PPHM Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -2.65%
JOEZ   Joe's Jeans Inc. -2.70%
ASTI    Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.            -2.81%
PVCT  Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.       -2.81%
ARQL  ArQule Inc.      -2.94%
AMSC American Superconductor Corporation -3.02%
RNN    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    -3.33%
COCO Corinthian Colleges Inc.            -3.33%
DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corporation       -3.38%
AEZS   Aeterna Zentaris Inc.    -3.39%
CACH Cache Inc.        -3.42%
FST     Forest Oil Corporation -3.43%
EMITF Elbit Imaging Ltd.         -3.50%
STEM  StemCells Inc.  -3.59%
DLIA   dELiA*s, Inc.   -3.68%
PAL     North American Palladium Ltd. -3.70%
ETAK  Elephant Talk Communications Corp.   -3.78%
NEWL NewLead Holdings Limited      -3.85%
ROX    Castle Brands Inc.        -3.99%
EDAP  EDAP TMS SA           -4.17%
KWK  Quicksilver Resources Inc.        -4.26%
DEJ      Dejour Energy Inc.       -4.29%
LEDS   SemiLEDs Corporation            -4.31%
UPIP    Unwired Planet, Inc.     -4.50%
GPL     Great Panther Silver Ltd           -4.55%
ETRM  EnteroMedics Inc.        -4.69%
BAXS  Baxano Surgical, Inc.    -4.72%
ATRS  Antares Pharma Inc.     -4.90%
PZG     Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.         -4.90%
PSUN  Pacific Sunwear of California Inc.          -4.93%
HNSN Hansen Medical, Inc.    -5.00%
OPTT  Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.           -5.07%
CVM   CEL-SCI Corporation  -5.22%
AMCO            Armco Metals Holdings, Inc     -5.26%
PLG     Platinum Group Metals Ltd.      -5.36%
AUMN            Golden Minerals Company       -5.46%
OIBR   Oi SA  -5.76%
EGLE   Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc.          -5.78%
URZ     Uranerz Energy Corp.   -5.83%
NSPH  Nanosphere, Inc.          -5.92%
LIQD   Liquid Holdings Group, Inc.      -5.99%
RSH     RadioShack Corp.        -6.24%
GEVO Gevo, Inc.        -6.27%
SYN    Synthetic Biologics Inc. -6.86%
PTN     Palatin Technologies Inc.           -7.00%
ACST  Acasti Pharma Inc.       -7.00%
HTM    U.S. Geothermal Inc.    -7.25%
OIBR-C           Oi SA  -7.79%
RCPI   Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        -7.97%
BAA    Banro Corporation       -8.00%
AMRN            Amarin Corporation plc            -8.33%
UEC    Uranium Energy Corp.  -8.47%
LIQT   LiqTech International, Inc.        -8.67%
CREG  China Recycling Energy Corporation     -8.76%
SYMX Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. -8.96%
IKAN  Ikanos Communications, Inc.    -9.11%
ZAZA  ZaZa Energy Corporation         -10.39%
MBLX Metabolix, Inc. -14.00%
ADGE  American DG Energy, Inc.        -15.43%

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